Börner Cheesemaker

A warm welcome to the product presentation of our Borner Cheesemaker.

Available in our online shop on 15.12.2017.

Our new product

Make your own healthy cheese right in the comfort of your own home. The Borner Cheesemaker lets you create your own cheese variations that will suit your taste buds.


Areas of application

Cheese is the ideal bread spread and tastes delicious. Also perfect as a base for honey, jam and for dips, as well as for baking or an antipasti filing.



For the preparation you will need:

1 l milk

1/2 organic lemon (30ml) or vinegar (25ml)

3 tablespoons salt (10-15g)

*Please keep in mind that large amounts will require a longer preparation time.

Click through the pictures to get detailed instructions.